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Personal Consultations

The Soulstyle makeover was one of the most rewarding and fun experiences I’ve had. The colour analysis, clothing cleanse and clothing makeover has really taught me what colours and styles maximize my appearance. I feel like I’ve moved from ordinary to trendy and elegant. It’s amazing how this transformation has boosted my self-esteem and I know I am on the right track when the compliments on what I wear keep coming in. This is truly an investment in yourself. Thanks to the Soulstyle team for their professionalism and passion.

Gabi Levine

I recently had the pleasure of being Soul Styled ! 

Colours, personality and lines and cuts were abuzz in my mind !  But under the skillful guidance of the guru girls, I now not only have a fabulous wardrobe, but the confidence to mix and match my clothes.  Knowing all the while, that they are the right style, colour and shape for not only my body but my personality too!

Hope this is good for you !
Vanessa Fourie

The experience was so positive for me - it gave me so much more confidence in wearing what I now know looks good, and helped me eliminate lots of nasties from my wardrobe! Chanelle and Gregin are great (and very gentle!), making the whole process very therapeutic and uplifting. Sue Parker.

My experience with SoulStyle is that you learn alot about what you should or should not wear. It is lots of fun!!!


Knowing that my style of dress is actually a part of me has been liberating, and self esteem developing. I just feel a little more understanding of myself came from hearing the well put together presentation that Soul Style put across. I like who I am and now I like how I dress too.

Sue Fuller-Good

You both simply changed my life!  I’ve been in touch with so many image consultants and each time I still don’t know what to do.  I’m not 100% there – but man,,,,,I’m so much better.  My new (very nice) problem now: I now have so many nice things and ways of wearing my clothes – I now stand in front of the wardrobe thinking – “mmm love that, love this. .... which one should I choose”! I feel excited again.  I am making effort.  I’ve stuck to some new colours – like the red and purple – loving that!!!    

You are both amazing – for me it was just not enough time – needed a whole day with you!   If this is how good I can feel with those small changes – i am up for more!  

Thanks again!

Christine Stent Pinha
(Dietician and Professional Speaker)


The SoulStyle workshop at our offices was a great success – our staff of eight ladies relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Lynette and Chanelle inspired confidence, style and colour ideas, plus loads of practical tips to enhance individual images. The result is a team of ladies who look great every day. Highly recommended.

Michelle O’Leary
Newslink cc

A fun experience which inspired us to think beyond the old staid traditions of dress and make-up, slaughtered sacred cows (like the ubiquitous black pants) and dared us to use colour and shape creatively. Getting ready in the mornings is now such fun!


What an eye opener. Would never have known that colour can make you look tired, wrinkled or older. Lynette and Chanelle are wonderful in their approach, never making you feel like you are a complete fashion failure. Thank you for the much needed advice and guidance girls – Loved every minute of it!


“I would highly recommend the services of SoulStyle as they did an amazing workshop for myself and my team in December 2007.  We had in the past done another similar workshop but did not get out of it what we did from SoulStyle.  They are an imaginative team being able to provide both casual and business mix of clothes and accessories.  This is a wonderful time to get together and discuss any questions that you have on style, fashion etc. It was fantastic!! “

Lynne Roberts
South African OnLine Information Services cc

What a wonderful day we spent with you when you came to Newslink.  I had a great time and was inspired to rush out that very day and buy a red necklace and earrings to add to the WOW factor.  I definitely look at clothes through new eyes.  I am finding it hard to part with my 6 pairs of black slacks though, but have bought another colour to complement my wardrobe.  Highly recommended.


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